Effective Staff Manual and Policy Development for HR Leaders


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  • Venue : SOKHA Hotel, Phnom Penh.
  • Started Date: Mon 13th of Jan 2020
  • End Date: Tue 14th of Jan 2020
  • Started Time: 08:30 AM
  • End Time: 05:00 PM
  • Participants : 0 (in process)
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Target Participants: Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippine, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore


HR policies and procedures provide fundamental rules, building blocks and guidelines to practices and behavior of the people in the organization. They can help shape the philosophy of the organization, providing transparencies, fairness and build in equity and harmony for shaping and holding groups of people in the organization. They provide a guide to manage and govern compliances for all in the organization, guide management and supervisors, and clearly explain expectations. HR policies reflect organizational culture and ensure compliance with employment legislation. HR policies should be clear and recognize and address people's needs. Hence, the challenge is to strike a balance between having too many and having too few policies by having the right approach and by creating relevant and effective HR policies to effectively manage talent to deliver business results. During this two -day program, participants will learn how to structure, develop and implement HR Policies and Procedures that are relevant, clear, compliant and effective. On top of that, they will be able to appreciate the importance of collaboration on strategy between HR and the organization’s leadership in developing effective human resources management policies. Participants will be given an appreciation on the development of Employee Handbook, the contents, information that would be useful for new employees joining the organization. Employers are aggressively putting more information, employee branding, company Vision statements, Core values into Employee Handbooks to promote the image and branding of the organization and it has become a seamless way of attracting new employees.


o To appreciate the importance of collaboration on strategy between HR and the organization’s leadership in developing effective human resources management policies.

o To understand the fundamentals of HR policies and procedures and their role within the organization.

o To understand how to structure, develop and implement HR policies and procedures that are relevant, clear, compliant and effective.

o To understand how to develop employee handbook and using data and contents from the HR Directives and Policies.

Course Outline

o Why HR policies are important: What makes good policies from ambiguous ones? Defining the level of importance and consideration into making good polices.

o Defining policy and procedure: Good policies are well structured and define and differs from admin procedures.

o How culture impacts HR policies: The appreciation of culture, company’s defined rules or legacies that impacts culture.

o Some considerations before drafting HR policies: Target audience, language and simplicity.

o 9 steps in developing policies: The stages we move through starting from inception to implementation. (accompanied by a short video on the effective stages of planning)

o Effect on bad HR policies: The repercussions and pains that we need to undo unnecessarily.

o Group discussions on some policies. Lots of planning and practical writing and development of polices in a class group exercises. The development of Employee Handbook and the core policies and practices to be included as information for the benefit of new joiners and orientation. Why the need and importance? In today’s modern and complex worlds of work, employees need lots of information that they can lay hands on. Millennium employees are more tech savvy, resourceful and have preference to search out information from company websites, etc. There is a dire need for employers to be proactive in placing E Handbooks on intranet domain to attract employee self-service domain and branding. Progressive organizations see this as a paramount importance in defining the winners and losers. The 2 days course will incorporate lots of exercises in drafting employee core  value statements and missions including discipline and governance, ethnics and treatment of confidential information, sexual harassments and adoption of diversity.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for HR professionals who wants to make a difference in employee branding, bringing out key and distinct features of the organization’s core values and competitive advantage. It involves all levels of HR who are keen to help your organization to impact and attract employees who wants difference. Rethinking, revamping or dropping old polices that are redundant. Anyone who wants to understand, needs to understand and implement, or needs to re-write HR policies and procedures and how to develop Employee Handbook.

o Human Resource Manager

o Head of HR

o Human Resource Director

o Chief HR or Chief People Officer

Fee (exclude any taxation)

o USD390 (early bird + pay and group registration, before 20th December 2019)

o USD590 (Normal fee)

o Disable participant: USD250 only

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o Cambodia registration: (855) 12 210 686, tdcenter.asia@gmail.com

o International registration: Mr. Eric Daniel: eric@TalentDevelopment.Asia

o Cambodia Representative Office: Building #4, Room 2A, St. 368, Boueng Keng Kang III, Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh

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Adrian Wong
Human Resource

Qualifications: MBA (Aston), MA HRD (GWU), MA (Cornerstone), Diplomas in Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Management, Marketing, Quality, Management Consultancy, Registered Assessor ISO9000, OSHA 18001, EN 14001, Certified International Coach by Leading Clinic, Certified Singapore Management Consultant (Spring/TUD SUV), Crestcom Trainer, Certified DISC Facilitator. Fellow SHRI

Areas of His Expertise

- Strategic HR Management
- Performance Management
- Compensation & Benefits Management
- Talent Management
- Change Management
- Training & Development
- Process Management, Quality & Safety
- Industrial Engineering and ISO 9000 Turnkey projects

Work Accomplishments:

30 years in Senior Regional HR positions in diverse industries: Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, FMCG, Supply Chain, Freight and Logistics, consultancy and Information, Education, Financial Ratings and Research Sectors.

Experience covers more than 12 countries in Asia Pacific from India to Japan, China and down south to New Zealand. Directed HR teams in different countries reporting to him and covers the full spectrum of HR activities: Talent acquisition, total rewards, training and development, change management, HR Operations and benefits for the region.

Have implemented several Mergers and Acquisitions, takeovers, HR workforce restructuring, corporate social responsibility, HR Outsourcing, Employee communications and Industrial and Union negotiation. Managed employee outplacement during M&A in several countries.

While he was with the Supply Chain Industry, he had responsibility over Quality, Safety and Environment covering Asia pacific countries and directs ISO Quality certification programs, 1800 safety management and 1400 Environment programs for the group. Part of the work involves helping companies draw up Process Manuals, flow process charts and Work Instructions. He also developed the leadership management program jointly with NUS Business Management School for young leaders and covers the Exel Way launch for Asia.

Companies that Adrian had previously been engaged with include Fairchild, Fraser & Neave, Motorola, General Motors, MSAS/Exel/DHL, Eagle Logistics, Japfa, McGraw Hill Group of Companies (S&P, Platts, JD Power, Education), Temasek Mgt Services & PSB Academy.

After leaving his full-time employment, Adrian now specializes in Interim contract assignments and teaching with companies i.e. Temasek Management Services, PSB Academy and provides contract teaching assignments with SNEF on Age Management via Silver Springs. So far, he has cover more than 100 employees on the WorkPro grants. He has enrolled in an International Coaching Certification program and has done numerous coaching on a one on one basis with individuals seeking re employment or has been displaced because of Organizational downsizing. He is also a Trainer for the Certified HR Manager Program and the HR Business Partner program. He is also an International Coach on Positive Core/Appreciative Inquiry by the Leading Clinic.

Currently, he assists as Director for BIPO Singapore, a HRIS provider specialising in developing HR Software using Mobile Apps for Time attendance systems, E Leave, E pay and E Claims on HR platform Systems for companies. He also helps Asia Biblical Theology Seminary as the Development Director for the student enrolment program. During his National Service, his last appointment was an officer with SAFTI Cadet School serving in the Manpower Division.

Trainer is now the senior consultant working on projects for SHRI Corporate Solutions. He works with many Small & Medium Enterprises in Company restructuring, repositioning their HR to align with company growth and deployment. Reviewed their Employment structure, terms and conditions, revamping their employee handbook, Rewards structure, performance management system and training and development and succession planning, including career planning. He is now a Professional Singapore Certified Management Consultant awarded by the Tud Suv (SPRING recognized Certification Programme). SCMC -1702-P0053 (2017-02-06 to 20-02-05)

Course Features

  • Venue : SOKHA Hotel, Phnom Penh.
  • Started Date: Mon 13th of Jan 2020
  • End Date: Tue 14th of Jan 2020
  • Started Time: 08:30 AM
  • End Time: 05:00 PM
  • Participants : 0 (in process)
Price : $390 - $590
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