Procurement, Purchasing and Logistics (EPPL)


Course Features

  • Venue : SOKHA Hotel, Phnom Penh.
  • Started Date: Wed 30th of Oct 2019
  • End Date: Thu 31st of Oct 2019
  • Started Time: 08:30 AM
  • End Time: 05:00 PM
  • Participants : 0 (in process)
Price : $390 - $590


This course was designed to provide the fundamental principles, theories, concepts, practices and latest issues about procurement and logistics management. Successful procurement and logistics management is the key for effective management in all sorts of businesses. This course encompasses warehousing, physical distribution, inventory concept, transportation logistics, procurement concept and global logistics systems. Directors, Managers and Officers in corporate systems/organizations are often saddled with responsibilities for logistics management or may be asked to run or supervise procurement for goods and services costing tens or hundreds of thousands or even Millions of Dollars. These assignments often require up-to-date skills and competency for effective delivery of logistics and procurement functions. The case studies which have been prepared for delegates to work with are based on real-world examples of those working in private and public sector environments, as well as help participants to acquire recent knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for the fulfillment of their management roles.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of your role to organizational success in Supply Chain Logistics (SCL), Procurement/Purchasing Management (PPM).
  • Participants will be able to explain how efficient and effective PPM Process can improve SCL and customer fulfilment and cash flow.
  • Participants will be able to develop simple supply chain solutions to shape to understand their contributions to their financial viability.
  • Participants will be able to appreciate the important role of PPM in SCML among private as well as public or non-profit organizations.
  • Able to understand the contributions of Procurement and Purchasing Management to organizational efficiency and effectiveness for competing successfully in the global marketplace.
  • Able to explain the benefits that can be achieved form implementing PPM best practices.
  • Understand the major PPM challenges and issues facing organizations currently and in the future.


Target Participants: From our Supply Chain Logistics, Procurement and Purchasing Professionals and Practitioners in our ASEAN SCM Communities.

Why You Should Attend This Workshop?

Companies employing sophisticated supply chain methods enjoyed 12 times greater profit than companies with unsophisticated methods according to Bain & Company study. Walmart supply chain innovations led to a 3.1 percent lower price which resulted in USD 263 Billion cost saving for customers.

Companies operating in limited domestic market are impacted by the ever increasing inter-connected global business and supply chain management. Supply chain professionals and management need to understand and manage the integration of all functions within the firm and the inter-dependencies with external parties.

Syed will take you through in this 2 Days intensive workshop that will fast track the mastery of Global Supply Chain Management and will provide few practical ideas and tips to apply it to improve individual and organizations performance. This program has also been designed carefully in consultation with a team of SCM for SCM Practitioners, Management and Supervisory personnel who aim to enhance their skills and knowledge by obtaining good understanding of International Supply Chain Management. More importantly, key insights on how to apply them correctly in their respective organisation. This program will also cover the contemporary international supply chain management.


The session will be packed with active facilitation to stimulate thinking and build skills and knowledge in the participants which includes the use of:

  • Activity Based Classroom Learning
  • Case Studies – Individual and Group Learning Activities /Presentation
  • Short Competency Assessment on Day #2 to ensure our participants understanding and knowledge.

This two-day course covers:


  • Understand the contributions of logistics in improving organizational supply chains.
  • Appreciate how efficient and effective logistics management contributes to the vitality of the economy and improves global competitiveness.
  • Discuss the value-added roles of logistics on both a macro and micro level.


  • Understand the role and nature of purchasing, procurement, and strategic sourcing in a supply chain context.
  • Consider the importance of types and of items and services purchased to the sourcing and procurement processes.
  • Understand the strategic sourcing process using S.H.E.E.N & BATNA. Recognize principles and approaches for the effective management of sourcing and procurement activities.
  • Appreciate the importance of companies having effective Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) with suppliers and for developing meaningful processes for evaluating suppliers.
  • Examine the concept of Total Landed Cost (TLC) and its value to the procurement process.
  • Be aware of contemporary advances in the areas of e-sourcing and e-procurement, and appreciate the roles played by various types of e-commerce models.


Training Fee (exclude any taxation):

  • $390 (early bird + pay and group registration, before 15 October 2019)
  • $590 (Normal fee)
  • Disable participant: USD250 only

Registration Now:

 Mr. NGETH Sophat, (855)12-210-686; (855)98-888-498

Supply Chain and Logistics

SM Syed Ali is currently a Regional Training Director - Learning & Development in Purchasing and Supply Association Singapore (PASAS) Education. Syed Ali also facilitates Training & Consultations related work for SPRINGS S'pore, TRUST Management Centre (TMC), Supply Chain and Logistics Academy (SCALA), Singapore Logistics Academy & Informatics Global for their local and overseas programs. Prior to the aforesaid organizations, Syed has had held key management positions in 3 Multi National (Manufacturing) Companies working across the Regions in Asia, Europe and USA in many Global Supply Chain Logistics Programs and Projects Implementation for about 25 years.

Syed has moved into his passion to full time Training/Coaching SC Logistics Management Programs effect from January 2013 with his acquired knowledge with deep focussed within the ASEAN Community to kick start.

As part of his ongoing strong commitment and dedication to Learning and Development outside Supply Chain Management Logistics Arena, Syed has also been very deeply involved in facilitating various enrichment and Life Skills Programs for Teachers, Staffs and Students at all levels. He had coached >200 (MOE) school programs to date eg Design Thinking, Effective Communication & Presentation Skills, Team Building, Motivation & Leadership, Servant Leadership, Exam Prep Programs, Counselling, Speed Reading, Social Etiquette, tudy Skills etc. Syed is also deeply involved in developing courseware/Training Materials for working practitioners and students as part of his new passion.

Syed is also an Active Grass Root Community Leader serving in various voluntary organisations and neighbourhood communities. He had received the 15 years Good Service Award in August 2014 from his Member of Parliament through the Singapore Prime Minister Office (PMO).

Syed has an Executive Master of Science Degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology/HRM with the City University of New York (CUNY), Bachelor Degree in SCM Logistics from Curtin University, Australia and Diploma in Project Management from Cambridge University. Syed is a Certified Professional Logistician from Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT UK).

Syed is an ACTA Certified (Training & Assessment) by the Singapore Work Development Authority (WDA) and Coaching Certificate from TUV SUD/PSB. Syed has been also appointed as Skills Future Mentor by SPRINGS Spore in July16 and Trainer wef Aug 2016.

Samples of Track Records for my Training/Coaching/Consultation Programs within ASEAN Community from 2014 to date.

1) Conducted >100 SCM Logistics Programs in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar for various SCM Logistics, Corporate Organizations and Polytechnics. (Kindly ref to my Linkedin Profile page for my professional endorsements)

2) Conducted 2 SCM Professional Development Program Series @ YCTC- Yangon in Aug 16 and Mar 17.

3) Authorized Mentor and had Conducted 5 Programs for WSG S'pore for the newly launched Professional Conversion Program (PCP) and Place and Train Program wef Jan 2017.

4) Adjunct Lecturer in University of Portsmouth (UOP) for Operations and Global Recovery Management Module.

5) Conducted > 200 Life Skills Programs in Poly and Schools for Teachers & Students at all levels.

6) SC Logistics Consultants for local Spore SME eg SCALA, CES Spore Character Learning, AAA+ Positive etc

Course Features

  • Venue : SOKHA Hotel, Phnom Penh.
  • Started Date: Wed 30th of Oct 2019
  • End Date: Thu 31st of Oct 2019
  • Started Time: 08:30 AM
  • End Time: 05:00 PM
  • Participants : 0 (in process)
Price : $390 - $590