People Management & Leadership Skills For Managers


Course Features

  • Venue : SOKHA Hotel, Phnom Penh.
  • Started Date: Thu 21st of Nov 2019
  • End Date: Fri 22nd of Nov 2019
  • Started Time: 08:30 AM
  • End Time: 05:00 PM
  • Participants : 1 (in process)
Price : $390 - $590

Enhancing Performance and Creating Lasting and Distinctive Results with Human Capital
“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority”
Meet with more than 28 year-experience coach & trainer, specializes in leadership and management program
Target Participants: Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippine, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore

Why You Should Attend This Workshop?

Today’s leaders face enormous demands and high expectations. They need to maintain flexibility and focus in accomplishing the goals and objectives determined by the stakeholders. If you want to be a highly capable manager & leader, you’ll not only need technical competence, but also some clear social and organizational competencies.

In this practical and experiential, two-day People Management & Leadership Skills For Managers, Raymond Thomas will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to function as a new leader and a new manager. You will be able to use these skills to enhance yourself and to inspire and nurture both internal and external team’s focus towards greater workplace performance. 

Raymond will demonstrate techniques and elaborate how behavioral assessment tools can unravel your personal leadership style. You will learn and practice behaviors and skills that will transform your ability to lead people and communicate in high stakes conversations. Through these efforts, you will realize how you can lead more effectively, develop effective relationships and improve productivity.

What Is The Delivery Methodology?

The session will be packed with active facilitation to stimulate thinking and build skills and knowledge in the participants which includes the use of:
  • Videos and Action-learning activities
  • Group / Individual Discussions
  • Constructive feedback from the trainer and peers

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives who are transitioning to a level of leading and managing external staff or vendors. Senior managers who are responsible for mentoring new managers and looking for ways to transfer essential skills.

How Will You Benefit?

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of your role to organizational success.
  • Distinguish between management and leadership roles.
  • Identify your leadership style using online behavioral profiling tool.
  • Transition effectively from individual contributor to a new leader and manager.
  • Enhance your effective and assertive communication skills.
  • Identify and handle conflict resolution strategies at the workplace.
  • Learn to coach and delegate effectively and positively.
  • Manage performance and enable employees to succeed in their roles.
  • Appreciate team development process.
  • Identify traits and best practices for leveraging effective teams.

This two-day course covers:

Day 1

Understanding your role

  • Transition from individual contributor to leader
  • Leader or Manager – understand the difference
  • Leadership roles – Organizational, Personal, People and Thought
  • Identifying your current priorities
  • Shift of priorities to what is effective for your role and organization

Identify your leadership style.

  • Behavioral profiling to identify your leadership style
  • Know your style – know their style – keys to understanding people
  • Communication styles with different profiles
  • How to build more effective relationships
  • Communication plan with key stakeholders

Essential communications skills

  • Effective and assertive communication
  • Definition of positive communication
  • Importance of positive communication
  • Role play how to communicate effectively and positively
  • 5-strategy techniques to handle conflict

Day 2

Performance management and accountability

  • Performance management through business and personal alignment
  • Key elements and causes of poor performance
  • Effective approaches to motivate and support teams
  • Mutual accountability process
  • Employee motivation
  • Best practices for feedback
  • Delegating and coaching

Basics of delegation

  • The influencing model
  • Push, pull and move away
  • 6 levels of authority in successful delegation

Building effective teams

  • Team development model - 3P and 3C
  • What constitutes a high-performance team
  • Characteristics of high performance teams
  • Team management strategies
  • How to make teams better

Fee (exclude any taxation):

  • USD390 (early bird + pay and group registration, before 9 November 2019)
  • USD590 (Normal fee)
  • Disable participant: USD250 only

Register now:

  • Cambodia registration: (855)12-210-686, 

Training Activities:

Raymond Thomas
Leadership & Management

Raymond Thomas is an entrepreneur, leadership consultant, speaker, and trainer. He has collaborated with many local and multinational organizations to provide value added learning and development experiences for middle to senior management.

Raymond Thomas has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (State University of New York at Buffalo, USA) & a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia). He is also certified in the ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) Program, a DiSC Certified Behavioral & Career Consultant (Institute of Motivational Living) and Watson Glaser II Critical Thinking Skills. He is also certified in Emmergenetics (Thinking and Behavioural preferences) and C-Vat Types profiling.

He has more than 28 years’ experience in leadership roles with large multinational corporations, specializing in:

  • Leadership & management
  • Sales, Marketing and Operations

Raymond Thomas has held several key positions with Motorola & Western Digital since 1987. In this capacity he has provided organizational leadership in communications, sales and marketing in diverse cultures and industries.

He has worked with MNCs in Asia Pacific, USA and Australia. He has engaged and inspired change elements, especially in the area of leadership communication, sales, marketing, presentation skills, innovation and process management. Being a process oriented individual, he coaches’ leaders to characterizes, review, optimize and fine-tune systems to the needs of the stakeholders.

Raymond Thomas is the founder of The Leadership Paradigm and has been running his own leadership and consultancy practice in management development since 2008. He focuses on helping organizations develop high potential talents who are earmarked for future leadership positions. He also conducts leadership boot-camps for Emerging and Advanced leaders. He is a Professional Speaker with the Association for Professional Speakers Singapore where he served as the President in 2014-2015. Raymond is also an adjunct lecturer at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and for Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). In addition, he was a recipient of the Teaching Merit Award from SIM in 2014.

Course Features

  • Venue : SOKHA Hotel, Phnom Penh.
  • Started Date: Thu 21st of Nov 2019
  • End Date: Fri 22nd of Nov 2019
  • Started Time: 08:30 AM
  • End Time: 05:00 PM
  • Participants : 1 (in process)
Price : $390 - $590